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As of August 2023, the Friends of Buncombe County Special Collections Board is in inactive status. The Friends organization still exists and may accept donations, but there is no active governing Board to approve major expenses. 


If you are interested in becoming involved in the work that BCSC does, please consider reaching out to BCSC staff to learn about the process of reconstituting the Friends Board. We rely on the Friends' support to accomplish our goals above and beyond what we can manage in our own capacity, and we would love to hear from folks willing to offer their time and energy to support our staff. Please contact our staff at packnc@buncombecounty.org or call us at (828) 250-4740 with any inquiries. 


Who are the Friends of Buncombe County Special Collectons?

The overriding mission of the Friends of theBuncombe County Special Collections is to support the activities of the BCSC staff and to enhance the historical, intellectual and literary aspects of community life in Buncombe County and Western North Carolina.

To accomplish this mission The Friends work to increase public awareness and stimulate the use of the collection's resources; provide programs that engage and enlighten the Friends members and the local community; serve as ambassadors for the collection and advise the staff of the collection as needed.

The Latest from our Friends and Volunteers

Ready to get your hands on history? Join a committee!
Friends of Buncombe County Special Collections support the archives and staff in a number of ways, including serving on auxillary committees. Learn more about how Friends lend a hand to local history

The Collections Development Committee works with BCSC staff to make decisions on current and potential collections: what should be kept, what should be discarded, and what collections might be aquired in the future. They assist in keeping the Buncombe County Special Collections educational, engaging, and relevant. 

The Funding Committee works with the Treasurer of the Board to seek out and secure funding opportunities for the organization. This committee also helps to create and implement the annual budget.


The Storytelling Committee is responsible for building programming and narrative for exhibitions and other projects. They provide the historical "vision" behind the work that the Friends does to support Buncombe County Special Collections. This may include research on topics to highlight throughout the year. 


The Staff Support Committee oversees the needs of Buncombe County Special Collections staff. This committee maintains a close dialogue with staff in order to ensure that their needs are being met, and their goals remain central to the work of the Friends. 


The Marketing Committee supports BCSC by utilizing creative marketing strategies in order to effectively communicate with patrons and the public. This committee helps BCSC staff run marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and membership drives. 

Donations from our Friends Support Work Like:
  • Interpretive Exhibits
  • Field Trips for Local Students
  • Paid Internship Opportunities
  • Community-Driven Archives Projects
  • Professional Development Opportunities for Staff

Ready to become a Friend?

Join today! With a yearly contribution of only $15, you can lend a hand in local history.

“Local History is, at its heart – as is history itself – the study of the human condition in and through time . . .  It begs for studies of how we have lived in the past, in this particular place.”

– On Doing Local History by Carol Kammen