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Pack Square ca. 1904-1909
In the second half of the 19th century, the city of Asheville grew at a momentous speed. With this growth came an increasing need to build social services to support the region’s growing population. In answer to this, a small group of friends organized. All women, they were fathered by city-builders, war heroes, and successful
Buncombe County Special Collections (BCSC) at Pack Memorial Library will be closed on Tuesday, Oct. 19, and Thursday, Oct. 21, and starting in November will be making minor changes in their operating hours. Continue reading to learn more about these changes. BCSC partners with YMI Cultural Center The upcoming Oct. 19 and Oct. 21 closures
On September 29, 2021 the Buncombe County Library system celebrates the 60th anniversary of integration. The 828 Digital Archives for Historical Equity Project has been working closely with Buncombe County Special Collections to digitize documents from the Asheville-Buncombe Library Collection and research the history of segregation and integration in the libraries in order to commemorate

A Month of Sundays

One of my favorite mountain expressions is, “I ain’t seen you in a month of Sundays!” In fact, HeardTell readers, it’s been a little more than a “month of Sundays” since we last posted! Our last post went live in July 2020. So, really, it’s been TWO months of Sundays! You might wonder, have we

Reflections from CAYLA Interns

This summer, Buncombe County Special Collections was lucky enough to host three student interns; two who worked directly in Special Collections, Nancy and Zoe, and a third, Corrina, who worked with a local community organization, but spent most of her time in the archives. The internship was facilitated by the City of Asheville Youth Leadership

Fairview Community Archives Project

MS382 Fairview resident volunteers have currently collected 46 interviews and an incredible amount of original 19th century photographs for scanning. We’re just beginning to transcribe the interviews but they will be added to the records as soon as we do so.