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Camp Laurel

Above are two views of Mount Pisgah and the Rat with floral gardens in the foreground. One is from Lake Ashnoca and the other is from the grounds of Asheville School. Lake Ashnoca has long been drained. It was also on the grounds of Asheville School. Both views have colorful, summer blooms in the foregrounds.

New Research Reveals New Information:

Asheville’s First Public Schools For Blacks For more than a year, I have collected every newspaper article on the Beaumont Academy, Beaumont School and the Mountain Street School, in my quest to gather information on the first public schools for blacks in Asheville. But something puzzled me – where was the original location of the

Canned Victuals

What’s in your pantry these days? I freely admit to having more canned food in my pantry than ever before. (I’m fond of canned, fishy things such as sardines, anchovies, salmon, and good tuna; canned tomatoes in a variety of forms. Not so fond of canned tomato juice; I prefer it in a plastic jug.
Working in local history archives at UNCA Ramsey Library and at Pack Library’s North Carolina Room, I thought often about the many fascinating stories that remain hidden in the oral histories of both collections. Until the interview is transcribed, the story remains untold. Few people will have the time or the patience to listen to the
Do you miss the library and all of the programs we have to offer? So do WE! So we’ve done something about it– for the past two weeks NC Room staff have been hosting virtual programs via Zoom. Zoom is a cloud-based video calling software that allows hundreds of people to gather at once. It’s

Strolling Through History (virtually)

One of the in-person programs NC Room staff were really excited about was our second annual series of “Strolling Through History” tours in downtown Asheville. They were planned to happen once a month from April until September, but alas, COVID-19 changed everything. Fortunately, however, the NC Room was lucky enough to host two wonderful interns